A little bit of Q and A.

Here’s some questions I get and answers I give.  I hope its of help.


Can I workout at home or the gym?

All my workouts can be done anywhere.

The ones using equipment can also be completed at home if you have access to dumbbells or exercise bands.

I like the website name how did you choose it?

I’m a dad to 4 children and I like to stay fit and help others do the same.

Fit Dad TV seemed to make sense instead of many other names I considered. The day my children first called me ‘daddy’ was a special day to me and I did in fact launch initially under the name ‘The Fit Daddy’. I’ll always be a daddy to them so it is perfect for me but as my oldest began to call me ‘dad’ I switched to Fit Dad and added the TV as I really wanted the majority of my fitness help to be visual so I can teach on screen to help people with workouts and fitness advice. Hence, Fit Dad TV is now alive and growing.

The role of a parent or ‘dad’ is to help and guide, that’s what I want to do for others who’d like to get healthy and fit while juggling a hectic life.

I’m excited and committed to help you. 🙂

What's the story & the mission behind Fit Dad TV?

Since my children were born I’ve been the stay home parent and tried to juggle my work in the health & fitness industry while I adjusted to that big honor.

Being a parent is the most important role in my life and I’ve realized just how tough it is to juggle a busy schedule and try to be physically  (and mentally) healthy at the same time.

But I’ve been able to adjust with practice and stay fit and healthy with even less time in my hectic life than I used to have, and having experienced the struggle and found a solution I decided I wanted to help others do the same.

I put together Fit Dad TV to offer follow along workouts – that are short but effective – for anyone who wants to change their life and their body, even if they are the busiest person in the world.

How long are the workouts?

Most of my workouts are 15-20 minutes. Some are shorter and there will be longer ones as well.

The ‘Plug-in’ and ‘Wrap-Up’ workouts are typically quicker and shorter.

What are Plug-in & Wrap-Up Workouts?

A ‘Plug-in’ workout is a quicker suplemental workout that can be added if you have energy left after any of my other workouts.

A ‘Wrap-Up’ workout is another quicker workout used at the end of any workout if you want to add a final bout of calorie-burning effort before you finish.

What type of workouts do you create?

I like to create variety with my workouts, hence the reason I put together randomizable workouts for my ColorFit Workouts System.

Changing things up will keep your body guessing and I feel will also help with progressive results and body change.

The types of workouts I create for you are a variety of HIIT workouts, circuit workouts, body part focused workouts and fat loss/conditioning workouts.

Whatever you choose I think its very beneficial to challenge your body with exercise and workout variety.

You can’t do the same thing over and over and expect different results.

What equipment do I need?

For a majority of my workouts you just need a water bottle for hydration and maybe a towel and your exercise clothing.

I do create workouts for you using resistance bands (these are great to travel with btw) and also dumbbells and other fitness tools.

If you don’t have any weights you can easily just focus on my bodyweight workouts.

I think it is worthwhile having your own weights eventually, or access to some dumbbells later down the road.

Can I workout with a friend?

Of course.  It’s a good motivational experience to have a partner exercising with you, but if its just you and me then no worries at all!

We’ll get it done 🙂

Can I train for other events when following your workouts?

Yes and no.

What I mean is if you are for example training for a marathon and want some supplemental workouts to increase muscle strength etc. then you can simply add in my ColorFit Workouts on random days as your main focus currently would be a marathon prep training program.

However, its important not to overtrain so I’d say no if you were currently doing anything where extra workouts would lead to you overtraining your muscles.

If you follow one of the plans I give you in your SEASONS calendars then you would not need to do anything else.

Are your workouts focused on body parts?

I created a method over the years I call ‘ColorFit Workouts’.  This is where I specify a specific color to a specfic body part to be trained.

The workouts I create will combine specific colors (bodyparts) or focus on a single bodypart.

Each workout will take you through a complete session from warm up to cool down and could be bodyweight only or use equipment for the specific body parts.

What is ColorFit & Seasons?

These links will explain that in detail for you:

ColorFit Workouts – Click Here

Seasons – Click Here

FitStickz makes me happy!


They make me happy too 🙂

Thanks – here’s more info

These workouts can be really challenging and a nice change of pace.  Hope you like them and thank you very much for your support.

How many days should I exercise a week?

I feel that for 95% of most normal people, 3-4 days is a good sweet spot.

The days you train is really determined by your recovery time/recovery ability.

You would not want to overtrain.

I like to focus on either:



Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday for example.

Those are a 3 or 4 day split.

My Seasons calendars will give you different options you can try but listen to your body – so to speak – and if you feel tired or achy take a day off.

Fitness should work for your schedule. Don’t overtrain and you will be fine.

PS: I do like to change fitness plans every 4-6 weeks and occasionally follow a longer 12 week plan once a year.



How about eating or dieting?

I’m currently working on my recipes and new diet books.

I’ll get the information out to you as soon a I can but for now you should know that ‘diet’ or healthy eating is very important to seeing the results you want.

It is nowhere near as hard or confusing as many people think.

I feel this document I wrote for you will explain all you need to know.

I want ab workouts. Are there ab workouts?

Yes there are.  I think you’ll find them challenging and like them.

Check out the Fit Dad TV Youtube Channel.  They’re mostly the blue ones.

BTW: 85% of the workouts I create for you will hit the abs in some way so your core is always getting a workout even if your following one of my ColorFit Workouts that focus on another bodypart entirely 😉

Is there a schedule or can I do whatever I like?

Yes & Yes.

I create my workouts to be both randomizable and structured.

If you just want to follow along with the latest workout I post to the Channel that’s great.

Alternatively you can follow a structured plan with every single workout I create and find new plans in your Seasons Calendars that I give you as a gift.

Whatever suits you and your busy lifestyle best.

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