Introducing ColorFit Workouts


Colorfit Workouts are something I created to simplify how clients and friends of mine (you) categorize and choose workouts.

Over the years I’ve found that if a workout can be easy to access, and use, it helps people actually get it done.

I started to put each workout for a specific body type into colored categories.

So today, when you head to Fit Dad TV you will find every workout I create is easily recognizable immediately with a specific color.

As of today, these below are the colors so you can easily see what body part a workout focuses on:

*Note: I will be bringing out new ColorFit Categories as we progress together too.


ORANGE:  Total / Full Body (Bodyweight)
LIGHT BLUE:  Abs & Core Workouts
PINK:  Glutes / Core / Legs
DARK BLUE:  Cardio / Conditioning
LIGHT (Neon) GREEN:  Upper Body (Bodyweight)
DARK GREEN:  Lower Body (Bodyweight)
BLACK:  Total / Full Body 2 (Resistance / Weights etc)
RED:  Upper Body 2 (Resistance / Weights etc)
WHITE:  Lower Body 2 (Resistance / Weights etc)


Total Body

Abs & Core




Upper Body

Lower Body

Total Body 2

Upper Body 2

Lower Body 2

ColorFit Workout Types


This is the code for all ColorFit Workouts on my channel: HIIT, Home, Tabata, Resistance, Circuit, Hotel, Abs workouts etc…


This is the code for all FitStickz ColorFit Workouts: Fitness Simplified.


This is the code for The ColorFit ‘RESET’ 7 Day Home Workouts Challenge on my channel: This NEW program can be used over and over…


This is the code for all ‘Brain Break’ ColorFit Workouts on my channel. These are family workouts for quarantine, homeschooling etc.


This is the code for all Seniors ColorFit Workouts. Quick home workouts for older people.


This is the code for all Micro ColorFit Workouts (Super fast time saving workouts)

More types coming…


Simply put: you can pick any workout you wish on any day that fits in your schedule.

Maybe you want to do a quick full body workout using just your body weight?

Maybe you need a fast ab workout to use on vacation or on a work trip?

Maybe you want to hit your arms today?

You just pick the colored workout that corresponds to what you need.

If you want a guide to follow with a structured workout plan for a specific number of weeks that’s where SEASONS comes in.  You can learn more here and get your free Seasons Calendar as well.

See you over at the channel and let me know anything you need.

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