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Hi and welcome. 

I’m Tristan and this is FitDadTV.

I’m on a mission to help the millions of other people around the world who are busy and have limited time in their lives for exercise, to get healthy and feel great about themselves with quick home workouts that can be done almost anywhere.

Let me explain a bit more below:

Healthy even when we’re busy…

For quite a few years now my outlook on health and fitness has been changing dramatically. When I first got interested in fitness 25 years ago I had much more time on my hands.

Today I’m living a busy life.  It’s amazing. But it’s very, very busy.

When I was younger workouts were long, heavy and tough and recovery happened almost overnight. The joy of being young.

Fast forward to today and so much has changed. These last few years have seen me juggling being a stay-home dad to four young children under the age of 6 as I balanced (or tried to) my fitness career teaching others, training clients and running fitness classes and bootcamps in mornings, evenings and during my children’s nap times. As my wife and I became parents it was almost immediate, due to the reality of our situation, that I took on the ‘stay home parent’ duties. I remember panicking and wondering how I’d ever handle it…

During the first months of struggle I made a decision to adapt. I had no choice. I made it my personal goal to find a way to embrace being ridiculously busy as well as staying fit and healthy with limited time in a daily schedule.

It wasn’t easy at first but I stuck with it and got a handle on it and it transformed my life and my happiness.

What I find now is that my workouts are very different and more enjoyable and act as a tool not just to help my body get and stay healthy but almost more importantly give me a regular stress relief, a clearer head and a sense of control in my hectic life.

The changes I’ve been forced to make have led to lifestyle benefits and positive health results but have come with less time spent exercising and a fresh change in workout ideas. 

As I made this change I began to realize there were clearly millions of people around our world who could relate to this and who could benefit from what I’d spent many years trying to balance and master. 

I believe that exercise is one of the most important parts of any person’s life.  But I don’t believe that for 95% of people it should become your master or treated as something that has to consume your daily existence. It’s really just part of a balanced life and a quick workout can completely change your mindset, your body and your lifestyle without forcing you to become a slave to fitness.  Being healthy and exercising regularly is enough for most people as they have other things in their lives they want and need to focus on as well…family, friends, hobbies, vacations, travel, socializing, work etc.

So today I’m on this mission to help those people around the world – just like you – who can relate and who want to get fit – not just to look good – but to feel empowered and in control of their lives.

My daily goal is to help ‘normal’ humans with regular lives to feel better about themselves with quicker, shorter and varied workouts that can be completed almost anywhere you have some space and a little bit of time.

Because when all is said and done if your head is right then everything else can fall in to place, and you can handle what life throws at you a lot better.  I feel any person deserves to feel good about themselves – that’s a basic human right. Exercise – in my opinion – is one of the best ways to change your body and regain happiness, confidence, control and a sense of well being.


And it can all be done quickly so you can get on with your day feeling awesome.

Let’s BEGIN 🙂

So, with that being said I’m really excited to help you – let’s do it shall we?


First I wrote this for you: It’s the truth about changing your body in 3 steps. Again: the truth.  Everything else will be built off these 3 and if you focus on nothing else focus on these and you will see results and change your life.

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Looking forward to this journey with you,

Cheers and best wishes,


*Art for my wife.  Because its not always about fitness! 😉 (smart boy, right?!)

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