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Welcome to Fit Dad TV.

New Home Workouts…

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Busy? Stressed out at work?  New baby in your life?  Daily overwhelm stopping your fitness journey? Let’s change that right here.

Join me and enjoy a new home workout every day. There’s something for any mood and any timeframe.

Simply choose from multiple workouts all free on Fit Dad TV, from beginner bodyweight sessions to HIIT workouts using bands or dumbbells. Start off easy and  move up the difficulty levels as you progress and improve – and you will.

Workout with me from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you have a bit of space. All you need is your phone, tablet or computer  – and some water 🙂

So let’s do it!

Follow Along Fitness

From warm up to cool down I’ll sweat it out with you 🙂 Workout with me to help keep you on track and motivated. Before you know it you’ll be done and on with your day feeling awesome!

Introducing ColorFit

A new range of easy to follow exercise sessions using color coded workouts. Choose any workout randomly from the TV Channel or follow a guide in the current Seasons calendar!

Home Workouts All Levels

Doesn’t matter if you’re a total beginners or experienced, these home workouts can be used anywhere – with or without equipment. At home, in the gym, on vacation…you decide!

Welcome To ‘Seasons’

If your after a series of new fitness plans to tell you what workouts to do then you’ve got Seasons. I add new plans for you randomly and remember to stay tuned for the newest Season when it goes live!

Get started today... Sign up for your Free Season 1 Calendar & 7 Day Simple Fitness Guide

The ColorFit workouts Season 1 Calendar gives you roadmaps for all the workouts on the Fit Daddy TV channel. You also get 7 Simple Tips over 7 days to your inbox to get you up and running the right way on your journey to a new healthy body no matter your experience or ability level.